New Protests in Iran

I reckon the Mullahs thought they had placed a cap on these protests, and I guess I had kinda thought that too. That it was over.

Someone forgot to tell the people of Iran though?
Yahoo News:TEHRAN, Iran – Security forces and militiamen clashed with thousands of protesters shouting „death to the dictator“ outside Tehran University on Monday, beating them with batons and firing tear gas on a day of nationwide student demonstrations, witnesses said.

The protests were the largest in months, bringing tens of thousands out in marches at more than a dozen campuses around the country and in several squares in Tehran, as university students — a bedrock of support for the pro-reform movement — sought to energize the opposition. The opposition has been reeling under a fierce crackdown since turmoil erupted over the disputed presidential election in June.

Thousands of riot police, Revolutionary Guard forces and pro-government Basij militiamen flooded the area around Tehran University since the morning, vowing to prevent any unrest from spilling out into the streets.

Good for them.

Here are videos of the protests.

More here at Freedom Messenger – Ghasedane AZADI‘ Facebook page.


Hey, this is fun, a whole lot more fun than when they shout, Death to America he?

~ von auslaender2009 - Montag, 7. Dezember 2009.

Eine Antwort to “New Protests in Iran”

  1. The Iranian authorities arrested Majid Tavakoli, a student leader.he authorities published a picture of him wearing women’s headscarf,and said that he tried to escape in this clothes they held in jail only because of his opinions
    This is the reaction in Iran and in the world
    We are all Majid Tavakoli
    Sample from Paris

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