Just another opinion on the peace Nobel Price 2009

No it was not a hoax. Early Friday morning, the Norwegian Nobel Committee announced that President Barack Obama would receive a consolation prize for namely the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

Here in my humble “around the Corner coffee shop”, my first reaction was, naturally, to spew coffee on my Netbook . My second reaction was to wonder, for what?
There’s been no signing of peace treaties, no stopping of nuclear proliferation, no ending of wars. President Obama hasn’t stood up for human rights in China, hasn’t denounced the oppression of women in the some special parts of the world and hasn’t stared down brutal dictators such as Castro, Chavez, Kim and Ahmadinejad.
Again, I ask me: For what?

The Nobel Committee explains that it was „his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,“ and the fact that he has „created a new climate in international politics.“ Didn’t former VP Al Gore get the award two years ago for seeking to stop climate change?

Mr. Jagland, chairman of the Nobel Committee, gushed,

„Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future.“ In other words, it was the Nobel Prize for Narcissism. Unfortunately, the committee did not pass out barf bags prior to the announcement.

Apparently, the fact that the community organizer took up residence in the White House less than two weeks before Feb. 1 2009 nomination deadline was not as important to the committee as being able to give a slap in the face to his resolute predecessor, George W. Bush.
It certainly sends a message against actually winning in Afghanistan or brings down dictatorship in the World.

The president joins other you’ve-got-to-be-kidding winners Jimmy Carter , who is largely responsible for present-day Iran, Gore, who does nothing but scare people about global warming, and Palestinian terrorist Yasser Arafat, who assumed room temperature in 2004.

Some Blogger started a list of the „Top Ten Reasons Obama Won the Nobel Peace Prize.“
My personal our favorites are these: „For extraordinary diplomacy at the Gates-Crowley ‚Beer Summit'“; and my personal hit is, „He was the 10th caller.“

~ von auslaender2009 - Samstag, 10. Oktober 2009.

8 Antworten to “Just another opinion on the peace Nobel Price 2009”

  1. @ auslaender

    And you, sir, are indeed a sore looser.
    Obama himself acknowledged that he still has to earn this honor:

    Your comment simply showed that you hate him because he stands for things ringht-wingers simply don´t understand: diplomacy, international cooperation and a different kind of relationship between the USA and the rest of the world. I don´t know whether he will ultimately succeed. But I do know that you and your kind will always hate him and if it is for nothing more than – he is not as hated as Bush.

  2. @ane
    Okay Mr. Rocket Science
    some hard facts
    President Obamas track record for this Price
    – Continuation of President Bush’s „from the left so called „illegal occupation of Iraq“
    – Escalation of the, from the left so called „illegal war“, in Afghanistan
    – Bombed Pakistan, if President Bush did this you would call it a war crime
    – Supported Israel’s „from the left so called holocaust“ against the Palestinians
    War is now Peace?
    And you call me a loser?

    Whats about Sima Samar
    women’s rights activist in Afghanistan: “With dogged persistence and at great personal risk, she kept her schools and clinics open in Afghanistan even during the most repressive days of the Taliban regime, whose laws prohibited the education of girls past the age of eight. When the Taliban fell, Samar returned to Kabul and accepted the post of Minister for Women’s Affairs.”
    Or Dr. Denis Mukwege,founder and head of Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo. He has dedicated his life to helping Congolese women and girls who are victims of gang rape and brutal sexual violence.
    Hu Jia, a human rights activist and an outspoken critic of the Chinese government, who was sentenced last year to a three-and-a-half-year prison term for ‘inciting subversion of state power.
    This is the Noble Price for Peace or not? Okay you’re the Rocket Science here and we are all losers

  3. Obama himself acknowledged that he still has to earn this honor:

    Stimmt – der Preis ist unverdient.

    […] he is not as hated as Bush.

    Sagt einer der am BDS leidet! LMAO! Es ist kein Hass und niemand wünscht Obama was schlechtes – so was ist die Spezialität der Bush-Hasser. Das hat „a new era“ oft genug mit seinen Statements im Kommentarbereich dieses Blogs bewiesen.

    No hope, no change!

  4. @Ausalender
    Du hast noch dies in Deiner Liste vergessen: US funds dry up for Iran rights watchdog

  5. @S1IG
    Der Punkt ist doch, das es genug Menschen geben wuerde die diesen Preis wirklich verdienen wuerden.
    Da koennte man diesen Preis nun wirklich auch President Bush verleihen. Obwohl ich nun wirklich in vielen Punkten, beileibe nicht in allen, unterstuetzte wuerde ich nicht auf das duenne Brett kommen ihm den Friedensnobelpreis zu verleihen.
    Aber wer sich eine Liste der Gewinner der letzten dreissig Jahre anschaut der hat eigentlich eh keine Fragen mehr zu diesem Preis.

  6. @Auslaender
    Es steckt wahrscheinlich Rassismus dahinter oder die VRWC die Hände im Spiel ;-)

  7. @ a new era,

    You are right, Sir, Mr. Obama is not hated as much as Mr. Bush was during his period as POTUS and obviously still is, as I could take out of your post.
    The answer is very simple: Mr. Obama did nothing so far which could bring him into such situation, as being hated.

    Mr. Bush started to fight Islamic terrorism, which caused 9/11, as you are certainly fully aware too.
    Terrorism is still growing and can truly be considered as a constant jeopardy for every democracy in the world.
    Mr. Obama’s Cairo speech e.g. let only most of the Islamic leaders smirk, either because they found it obviously very funny to see the POTUS kowtow in front of Islam and lost any respect the Bush presidency taught them before or they recognized immediately how brilliantly this new POTUS could be blackmailed to give sacrifice over sacrifice by appeasing their behaviour to reach his dream, his vision for world peace at last.
    His outstretched hand apparently was not taken, neither by Islamic leaders nor by dictators nor by despots.

    Mr. Bush instead never would have only showed the slightest intention to shake hands or even negotiate with such kind of murderer, racists and anti-Semites.
    He certainly was not an angel nor were his decisions free any mistakes or miscalculations.
    But still,he, at least, recognized immediately the great peril of international terrorism and acted on this basis of knowledge instead of talking, talking, talking.

    Not long time ago that I thought that Mr. Obama would be the right man for the office as POTUS.
    His attitudes convinced me to the contrary, that I was utterly wrong, in a very short term.
    I confess: Mr. Obama as POTUS made me change my considerations and my opinions entirely to the Republican camp.

    If I were American citizen, I certainly would make sure with my vote, that Mr. Obama will become a lame duck, as fast as possible, confronted with a healthy Republican majority after the 2010 Senate elections.
    Neither dreams and visions nor eloquent and light speeches will bring peace only acting and taking over responsibility does.
    Have a nice weekend, Sir


  8. Westerwave: Is the POTUS still birding the FLOTUS or may I blow his gigantic dick?

    This is Dschörmenie here! Please don’t you speak English, or I will get very angry and with my pickle haub I will invade you and make blitzkrieg really fast. No POTUS can reach me the water because I am the Westerwave, and I don’t like the Republicans because they don’t like that I make stuff with my boyfriend in my big bed. Equal! What counts is: taxes lower! We must support the middle stand and then comes the up-swung. Everything else is chicken-booking nonsense!

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