Hedgehog for President!

Wie bestimmt man den amerikanischen Präsidenten? Ganz einfach. Zunächst fängt man Flipper:

Terrorist surveillance? Obama was against this year’s revision to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, until he voted for it.

Negotiations with rogue dictators? In 2007 Obama pledged to meet with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his friends „without precondition.“ But that was so last year. These days, Obama hedges. He says „preparations“ will take place before any summits, and that those summits will occur only if he thinks they will further American national security interests.

The surge? Obama was a vocal opponent. He predicted that sending reinforcements to Iraq and changing strategy would not just fail but indeed make things worse. Didn’t happen, of course. And now the other day Obama said the surge has succeeded beyond „our wildest expectations.“ His expectations, certainly.

Den kreuzt man anschließend mit einem Hasen:

[…] In December 2006 the Senate debated a civilian nuclear cooperation agreement between the United States and India. […] Yet Obama voted for a series of so-called „killer“ amendments that would have made the agreement dead on arrival. His side lost. A bipartisan group of senators, including Biden and McCain, were able to defeat the amendments Obama supported. And once those amendments had been defeated, something curious happened. Obama completely changed his tune. He became a vocal supporter of the deal

[…] When Russia invaded Georgia last month, Obama released a statement condemning the „outbreak of violence“ and urging both sides to show „restraint.“ […] McCain’s response could not have been more different from Obama’s. He did not equivocate. He called Russia what it is–the aggressor in an unjustified war. […] But what did Obama do? As time passed, he began to sound more like … McCain. […] On Georgia, the differences between the two candidates grew smaller and smaller. And soon only one difference remained. McCain had been there first.

Then there is Iraq. […] These days Obama’s goal–withdrawing combat troops from Iraq within 16 months of taking office–seems more a hope than a plan. In July, Obama told Newsweek his withdrawal would be „entirely conditions based,“ meaning the redeployments could slow down, or end, if violence in Iraq took a turn for the worse. A conditions-based withdrawal is exactly what General Petraeus and McCain support.

Und zum Schluß wählt man dann den Igel. Der ist nämlich schon lange da:

[…] his overall course is steadily toward the center. Toward an internationalist foreign policy well within the tradition of recent presidents. Toward a substantial American engagement with the world and the maintenance of American primacy. Toward McCain.

~ von Paul13 - Donnerstag, 18. September 2008.

2 Antworten to “Hedgehog for President!”

  1. Dir ist aber schon klar, dass in dem Nationalepos von Buxtehude der Igel und seine Alte den Hasen schlicht beschissen haben, oder?

  2. @ dermullahvonbullerbü

    Nö, wußte ich ehrlich gesagt nicht bzw. hab es längst vergessen. Aber genau deswegen funktioniert es auch bei diesem Beispiel, denn den meisten anderen Leuten wird es ähnlich gehen.

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